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Welcome to the Blog of Karen Purcell!

In this first of many articles to come, I wanted to welcome you to my blog and thank you for coming.

My name is Karen Purcell and I am the author of Unlocking Your Brilliance: Smart Strategies for Women to Thrive in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math Welcome to my blog!

As the founder, owner, and president of PK Electrical, an eighteen-person engineering firm, I know firsthand the challenges that come with being a female in a field of study or work that is dominated by men.

Historically, STEM fields (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) have been overwhelmingly studied and professionally pursued by males. One of my goals is to inspire young women to enter into STEM-related studies and careers fully confident that because I did it and many other women did it, they—today’s gifted STEM majors—too can do it. They are unquestionably the leaders of tomorrow.

The purpose of this blog is to support students and professionals in their pursuit of a long and successful career in a STEM field. Here we will discuss some of the barriers women face and overcome, career options for women who become degreed in a STEM field, and strategies for helping women stay in the career they worked so hard to enter into.

I will shine a bright spotlight on other successful women in STEM fields for I believe firmly in the power of experience. There is so much you can learn from those who have already navigated the rough waters you are currently charting. You have so much to gain from looking to the examples of women in history who took a great leap and worked tirelessly to achieve success in their chosen field.

It’s an odd thing for an author to wish for, but deep down I do sincerely hope Unlocking Your Brilliance and other books like it will be obsolete in ten to twenty years. Why?  Because that will mean women have successfully closed the gender gap in male-dominated fields. I hope that even the phrase “male-dominated fields” will no longer exist.

While women have made huge strides in expanding their presence in careers overrun by men, we are still far from leveling the playing field. It is my goal to have an impact in that pursuit. I look forward to helping you connect the dots to a meaningful future in the STEM fields.

Karen Purcell

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